eHealth Arena – A Vital Mission

eHealth Arena is a commitment to create a common e-health arena for businesses, health and social care, academia, and the public. Together, we contribute to an increased use of e-health services, business growth in the e-health sector and increased efficiency in health and social care.

The ambition is that the arena will grow into a center of knowledge for the e-health industry, where participants meet to exchange expertise, ideas and to develop services, methods, and products. Together we create growth and contribute to e-health becoming a benefit for both the general public as well as users in health and social care.

Through collaboration, we face this vital mission together.

eHealth Arena facts

eHealth Arena is a long-term venture initiated by Region Kalmar County. During the first three years it is to be managed by Kalmar Science Park, with Linnaeus University as a collaboration partner.

During the first three years, a total of 21.2 million Swedish krona will be invested with Region Kalmar County covering 30% of the costs. As collaboration partner, Linnaeus University will invest 20% and the remaining 50% is financed by EU grants controlled by Tillväxtverket (Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth.)

The vision is that Kalmar county will become a center for e-health development, both nationally and internationally.

Contact information
Ph: +46 480 45 34 28