Health Data Sweden

Health Data Sweden (HDS) is a digital innovation hub consisting of 18 partners, e.g., universities, regional innovation hubs and research institutes as well as innovation centres and science parks, where eHealth Arena is one of the partners.

The focus of the hub is to support the development of new products and services, implementation and education within digital health. The hub also functions as a platform to support Swedish companies and organisations in creating international contacts and partnerships, as well as to create a path in to Sweden for European companies and public sector organisations.

HDS does this by offering free-of-charge services to public sector organisations and small- and medium-sized companies in Sweden and Europe, with five main areas (see more below). This can for example be to provide access to technical expertise and testing to help companies to improve their business and production processes, products and services with the help of digital technology. HDS also offers innovation services, for example financial consultations, and the skills and training necessary for digital transformation. All these services are available in a digital service catalogue. HDS also creates tailor-made services so do not hesitate to contact us at eHealth Arena if you are interested in hearing more. Contact details are further down on the page.

Services within five main areas

Health data development

By optimizing the accessibility of health data for small and medium-sized enterprises, research, and the public sector, HDS contributes to equivalent access in all regions of Sweden, and for international regions, which is achieved through knowledge transfer. HDS conducts a comprehensive analysis of companies offering health data as services and products, and explores data transfer between industry and research to simplify/accelerate the process from innovation to finished product.

Skills and training

By bringing together a large number of experts, HDS gathers knowledge, inspires, and engages to increase the ability of small and medium-sized enterprises to implement and innovate within AI-based service development, cybersecurity, and high-performance computing, thereby also contributing to competitiveness and regional sustainable growth.

Linnaeus University in Kalmar and Växjö have the main responsibility for this area.

Access to finance

Partners within HDS have extensive experience in accessing soft financing and a well-established network of investors. The 18 partners include several incubators and innovation offices supporting HDS with various investment activities. This main area also includes work on public procurement with the public sector to promote more innovation in the public sector, as well as the development of new business models for small and medium-sized enterprises.

eHealth Arena’s Elin Jonsson serves as sub-project leader with main responsibility for this main area (contact details below)

Access to innovation ecosystems and networks

The innovation ecosystem for HDS refers to a connected network of various actors, all contributing to a flow of information, knowledge, and resources to co-develop the capability around health data. HDS is an open ecosystem where partners, public and private sectors, and citizens interact, including the network with other EDIHs in Europe.

Test before invest

HDS offers testing services that meet international market needs related to digital health services related to AI and health data. This enables small and medium-sized enterprises to test their digital health services beyond the need for efficient development with more tailored services that create value for the organization and the individual.

Upcoming activities

Within Health Data Sweden, eHealth Arena are currently involved in organising the following acitivities:

Seminar series: “Procurement as a tool to promote innovation”

This is a seminar series organised together with Leap for life and Compare/DigitalWell Arena. The second (out of three) part will focus on methods that have been used to procure and to promote innovation.

Date: March 13 2024
Time: 10.00 – 12.00
Place: Digital meeting

This event is held in Sweden.

Read more here (in Swedish)

Part 3 is scheduled for April 17, and the focus will be on companies with experience in innovation procurement.

18 partners

18 partners from all over Sweden are involved in Health Data Sweden:

  • Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)
  • Blekinge Digital Health / Blue Science Park
  • Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH)
  • Bron Innovation
  • DigitalWell Arena / Compare
  • eHealth Arena / Region Kalmar län
  • EIT Digital
  • EIT Health Scandinavia
  • Halmstad university / Leap for Life
  • Karlstad university
  • Linneaus university
  • Livsmedicin / Region Västerbotten
  • Region Stockholm
  • Stockholm university
  • Stockholm Science City
  • STUNS Life Science
  • Uppsala universitet
European digital innovation hub (EDIH)

Health Data Sweden is one of Europe’s digital innovation hubs (EDIHs). They were initiated by the European Commission, and Health Data Sweden is Sweden’s only representative within digital health. The hub functions as a one-stop-shop where companies receive support to increase their digital maturity and become more competitive.

The investment in European Digital Innovation Hubs falls under the EU’s Digital Europe program. Currently, 151 hubs have been granted via this program. The purpose is to support the digital transformation of the economy and society and ensure that European citizens and businesses can benefit from the advantages. The hubs invite cross-border collaboration. Five key areas have been identified for the operation of EDIHs: HPC (High-Performance Computing), AI, cybersecurity and trust, advanced digital skills, and dissemination and use of digital capacity.

More information about European Digital Innovation hubs

I want to know more!

Do you have questions about Health Data Sweden or just want to know more? Are you perhaps an SME or represent a public sector organisation?

Contact Elin Jonsson, project manager for Health Data Sweden at eHealth Arena, at elin.a.jonsson[at]

You can also read more on Health Data Sweden’s web page, and make sure to follow Health Data Sweden on LinkedIn to get the latest information and updates about upcoming events and activities.

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